People and places

The cluster brings together multiple perspectives of social life and constructions of place to address complex social issues (such as forced migration, climate change, inequality) that are all anchored in places. We answer some big questions about what it means to live, work and interact in a given place; how places are inscribed with meanings that are generated from within and imposed from without; and the ways in which places, and our everyday experiences of them, are mediated by, and give form to, macro social, cultural and historical structures and processes. We consider everything from the seemingly mundane activities and interactions of daily social life to the embeddedness and connectedness of places in a global context. Focusing on places such as homes, neighbourhoods, cities and regions, and on social and cultural phenomena such as mobility and displacement, social norms and interactions, and governance and regulation, this cluster focuses on the complex, diverse and dynamic people-place processes that are ubiquitous in daily life.

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