Researcher biography

Dr Renee Zahnow is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland (UQ). She works within the Drugs Alcohol and Crime Research program. Renee has expertise in spatial and longitudinal analyses and she has applied these skills to examine a range of social problems including violence and aggression, substance use, crime and disorder and community regulation. Currently, Renee has a particular interest in studying the illicit use of steroids and PIEDS to better understand patterns of use, user typologies and socio-cultural factors influencing aggregate trends. Another branch of Renee's research focuses on place-based patterns of alcohol related violence and she is currently a chief investigator on the evaluation of the Queensland Government's Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence policy. Renee holds a Visiting Research Fellow position at Liverpool John Moores University Institute for Public Health where she collaborates on research projects regarding the illicit use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs; and place-based patterns of alcohol-related harms.

Dr Zahnow has worked across a range of research projects including program evaluations and random-control trials. She has experience in working with police, ambulance and hospital data and has established working ties with industry partners and international colleagues. She has expert knowledge in areas of urban criminology, youth and deviance and substance use. Her work is published in various journals, including Contemporary Drug Issues; Journal of Urban Affairs, Criminology and Crime and Delinquency.