The Hall Annual Lecture

The Hall Annual Lecture is UQ Archaeology’s annual public lecture in honour of the founder of archaeology at UQ, Associate Professor Jay Hall.

Associate Professor Jay Hall is the former Head of UQ’s Archaeology program. As well as an award-winning teacher, Jay is the editor of Queensland Archaeological research - a publication he started in 1984. Jay retired in 2007 after more than 30 years at the University. He is currently an Adjunct Reader in Archaeology in the School of Social Science at UQ.


School of Social Science
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Photograph from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

2023 Hall Annual Lecture

14 August 2023 6:15pm8:30pm
The 2023 Hall Annual Lecture titled 'New York’s African Burial Ground and the Struggle for Human Rights: An Archaeology of Public Engagement' will be presented by Professor Michael L. Blakey.

2022 Hall Annual Lecture

16 September 2022 6:00pm8:30pm
The 2022 Hall Annual Lecture titled 'The Value of Archaeology to the Modern World' will be presented by Professor Marshall l. Weisler

2021 Hall Annual Lecture

23 November 2021 5:00pm7:30pm
The 2021 Hall Annual Lecture titled 'Archaeology, Heritage and the Heritage of Archaeology' will be presented by Emeritus Professor Ian Lilley FSA FAHA.
Isolated Silk Road location

2019 Hall Annual Lecture

22 March 2019 6:00pm8:30pm
The 2019 Hall Annual Lecture titled 'Wandering the Silk Roads - Considering the Origins of Globalisation' will be presented by Professor Alison Betts.

2018 Hall Annual Lecture

16 March 2018 4:45pm7:00pm
The Contemporary Past: Archaeological Adventures in the Anthropocene

2017 Hall Annual Lecture

19 May 2017 4:45pm7:00pm
Feeding Cities of the Past and Future: Lessons from Early Urban Agroecology in Western Eurasia

2016 Hall Annual Lecture

20 May 2016 4:30pm7:00pm
Droughts and Attacking Oceans: An Archaeologist Looks at Climate Change

2015 Hall Annual Lecture

15 May 2015 4:30pm7:00pm
The Gallipoli battlefields and the archaeology of ANZAC

2014 Hall Annual Lecture

23 May 2014 4:00pm6:30pm
Where shall we have lunch? The first colonisation of Australia 48,000 years ago.

2013 Hall Annual Lecture

24 May 2013 2:00pm6:30pm
Stonehenge: New Discoveries

2012 Hall Annual Lecture

18 May 2012 4:00pm7:00pm
Palaeoanthropological explorations in Africa: New light on fossils representing distant relatives of humankind

2011 Hall Annual Lecture

13 May 2011 4:00pm7:00pm
The last great human migration: DNA and the human settlement of the Pacific

2010 Hall Annual Lecture

7 December 2010 4:00pm7:00pm
The Origins of Agriculture in the Amazon