The School of Social Science welcomes applications from Visiting Academics and HDR students whose work broadly aligns with the mission of the School and who would like to spend a period of time with us for the purpose of fostering scholarly and collegial networks and collaborations that lead to knowledge sharing and an enhanced understanding of the world around us.

A Visiting Academic is an academic who holds a position in their own university or other institution and who is visiting the School of Social Science to carry out teaching and/or research for a duration of at least four weeks to six months. Under such conditions, the academic may be eligible for the conferral of the title ‘Visiting Academic’ for the duration of their visit. Visits of longer than six months may be negotiated upon request.

A Visiting Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Student is an individual who is enrolled as a PhD or Research Masters student at an overseas university who would like to visit the School of Social Science on a temporary basis to undertake training relevant to their study and/or to carry out their research. The duration of the visit must be a minimum of four weeks.

The conferral of the title Visiting Academic or Visiting HDR students occurs in accordance with University of Queensland Policies and Procedures: Under this policy, visitors of less than four weeks are not eligible for Visiting Academic status but may be able to access some University resources under the University’s Volunteer Policy (see

  • Visiting Academics must hold a PhD and have a minimum of one year’s postdoctoral experience.
  • Visiting HDR Students must be enrolled in a recognised program of study for a minimum of six months and have their enrolment active for the duration of their visit.

General conditions

Visitors do not receive a salary from the host institution and the School of Social Science is generally unable to meet visitors'  expenses. All visitors are expected to be able to support themselves for the duration of their stay.

Visiting Academic and HDR Student title holders in the School of Social Science are entitled to the following benefits:

  • A University identity card to access the library and School of Social Science rooms
  • (Shared) office space (for staff) or desk (for HDR students)
  • Computer access
  • Access to School research activities, such as workshops, seminars, and social events
  • IT login and an email account for inclusion on the School staff/HDR student e-list.
  • Where relevant, and with appropriate induction, use of the School Archaeology Research and Teaching Centre.
  • Access to relevant School and University resources, such as room bookings, meeting rooms, basic IT support, and stationary.  

Visitors are invited to engage in the intellectual life of the School during their visit. Depending on the nature and extent of their visit, this may include the following activities:

Visiting Academics

  • Contributing to or sharing research knowledge through collaborative research activities
  • Working on a research project with School of Social Science collaborators
  • Delivering a research seminar, workshop or similar.
  • Delivering a guest lecture
  • Delivering training for academics and/or HDR students (e.g., in a particular research method)
  • Examining an HDR thesis
  • Providing expert advice, where relevant.
  • Meeting with HDR candidates or early career academics.

Visiting HDR students

  • Meeting with a designated local advisor who is willing to support you during your visit
  • Undertaking fieldwork or relevant training.
  • Participating in School events and activities (e.g., attend seminars, guest lectures, workshops etc.).
  • Meeting with other HDR students.

Application process

To facilitate engagement with the School and its staff, Visiting Academics must be nominated for the title by a relevant academic staff member who acts as designated host during their stay. For Visiting HDR students, this person will act as a local advisor. Please visit our staff page to find a relevant staff member who is willing to take on this role and contact them directly.

To apply, please review the Guidelines for the Visiting Academic Scheme or Visiting HDR Student Scheme.

Once you are familiar with the Scheme and have an Academic Host/Advisor in place, please complete the following forms:

Visiting Academic / Visiting HDR Student Form A

Visiting Academic / Visiting HDR Student Form B