Development Practice

Why choose Development Practice?

Our Development Practice suite of Programs offer a unique, multidisciplinary approach to advancing the knowledge and skills of students who seek to obtain a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by development practitioners in the contemporary context. As a participant in the program, you will gain new understandings related to the intersectionality of key development practice themes, including sustainability, gender, indigeneity, policy and research methodologies. The Development Practice programs have been designed to enable students to appreciate the multifaceted nature of development, draw connections, identify challenges, and devise critically informed problem-solving strategies to address local to global issues.

Development Practice students will find themselves in a vibrant student community, with participants from all corners of the globe contributing rich and diverse experiences to the program. Current students, alumni and lecturers from the program regularly post to the Development Practice UQ Facebook Group. You will be joining a family of likeminded passionate individuals who are seeking positive social change. If you are wanting to have a say on the decision-making processes within the Development Practice suite of Programs, as a student you can get involved in the Students as Representatives team to participate in Management Committee meetings, experience high-level governance at work whilst participating and contributing to the social and networking driven events the program organises. A Teaching Fellowship was conducted over the 2019-2020 period for the suite of Development Practice postgraduate programs researching practice-based learning. As part of this Fellowship we developed a Literature Review and Report with our findings. These findings have been embedded into our programs to incorporate a holistic approach to practice for our cohort as you can see in Our Vision of Development Practice. UQ offers many tools to assist and support you through Student Support.

Where can your degree take you? From international organisations such as the United Nations, to local community centres, consultancy firms and government agencies, the possibilities are limitless with a degree in Development Practice. Check out what our graduates are up to by clicking on Alumni experiences. The postgraduate coursework programs also provide a solid foundation for students inclined to pursue further academic research beyond the Masters Program.

Learn from the Best, click on Development Practice teaching staff to see the nationally and internationally recognised staff that teach into the program. They bring relevant, up to date, contextually diverse content to the classroom.