Development Practice Student and Graduate Profiles

The Development Practice suite of postgraduate Programs is very fortunate to have a rich and vibrant student community with students from many different countries and cultures. Our Alumni share some of their experiences about studying Development Practice at UQ.

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1. Stephanie Walsh - Australia

What was the best thing about your Development Practice program?

  • For me, the best thing about the Development Practice program was the opportunity to establish a network of friends and professional contacts who are an ongoing source of wisdom and support. The strong connection I feel to a community of practitioners who share my passion inspires and motivates me.

What was the most important thing you learnt/or most defining experience, you had while studying Development Practice at UQ?

  • In my first semester of the program I studied a Community Economic Development Course and having had no previous experience studying economics, I was daunted by the prospect of a postgraduate economics course. It was, however, the most transformative course I studied. It shifted my perspective on what 'economy' really is and how we, as both community development workers and community members, can challenge existing economic paradigms towards a more human-centred paradigm. I refer to the teachings of this course on a daily basis, both in my personal and professional life - just last week, in fact, I suggested to a community development association in the Somerset region that a local currency might benefit their small town.

How did your study help you to get to your current role, and what does your current role involve?

  • Studying Development Practice created opportunities for me to develop and demonstrate key skills. Being able to undertake a thesis, participate in a Student-Staff Partnership project, travel to Indonesia to participate in an international field trip, and study a range of courses which I've found to be incredibly relevant to the everyday work; all of these are opportunities which have no doubt enabled me to quickly find employment in the industry. My current role is as a Community Development Facilitator with Lifeline Darling Downs & South West Qld, working with drought-declared communities to strengthen their ability to support each other through the tough times that come with circumstances like drought. On my desk I have a few pieces of wisdom that I collected from my mentors during my studies and as I work to apply the huge amount that I learnt in my time at UQ, their quotes have become my mantra: "hold your mandate lightly"; "revel in ambiguity"; and "trust the process".

What did your study lead to?

  • Most obviously, my study has lead to me getting full-time employment in what I consider a dream first job. It has also given me invaluable knowledge and skills which I can trust to guide me through the complexities of the work. Beyond that it has given me a network of inspiring practitioners who I'm excited to continue learning alongside throughout my career.

What advice would you give to students in the same degree you studied?

  • Take every opportunity given to you. Learn as much as you can from the incredibly diverse backgrounds of your peers. Challenge yourself to explore topics new and unknown; take every assessment piece as an opportunity to explore something you're yet to explore. Enjoy it because it'll be over before you know it.