ADM+S Events

2024 ADM+S Symposium: Automated Mobilities

15 October 2024 9:00am17 October 2024 5:00pm

Digitising Disadvantage: Challenging Automated Government Decision Making in Comparative Context

10 July 2023 10:30am12:00pm
Join Associate Professor Yee-Fui Ng of Monash University, where she presents her preliminary findings from a comparative book project analysing legal challenges automated government decision-making in the US, UK and Australia.

Recording now available.

Fitter, Happier, More Productive: Algorithmic Regimes & the Future of Work

19 April 2023 9:00am20 April 2023 4:00pm
This two-day symposium brings together researchers across multiple institutions to investigate the relationship between work and automation.

Digital and Algorithmic Constructions of Identities: a conversation

18 April 2023 1:00pm3:00pm
An interactive discussion with Dr Thao Phan and Dr Chris O’Neill both of Monash University and chaired by Professor Paul Henman, of The University of Queensland.
Image of a child using a mobile device, hidden under blankets on a bed in the dark.

Policing Insecurity: Debt, Fraud, Data and the Automated Welfare State

19 October 2022 4:00pm6:00pm
A public lecture by Professor Virginia Eubanks of the University at Albany, SUNY.

Recording now available.

Writing for the Public

19 October 2022 9:00am12:00pm
A Masterclass with Professor Virginia Eubanks of the University of Albany, SUNY.
An image of six people of varying ethnicities and genders sitting on a bench seat in front of a grey brick wall looking at laptops and mobile devices.

Intersectionalities of Automated Decision Making and Race/Ethnicity

17 November 2021 9:15am
A critical dialogue with A/Prof. Safiya Noble, Prof. Bronwyn Carlson and Karaitiana Taiuru.

Recording now available.
woman in a wheelchair looking up to the sky in the middle of a city at night with bright building lights in the background.

Automated Decision Making in Disability Services and Accessibility: Mapping what is happening and what we know

20 September 2021 9:15am
A discussion with Prof Gerrard Goggin (Nanyang Technology University, Singapore), Prof Jutta Treviranus (Ontartio College of Art and Design, Canada), Justine O’Neill (CEO, Council for Intellectual Disability Austraila) and Emeritus Prof.Terry Carney (University of Sydney).

Recording now available.
An image of the Centrelink signs outside of a building with blurred image of people below.

ADM in Social Security and Employment

5 May 2021 9:15am
An interactive roundtable discussion on the use and effects of ADM in social security and employment services around the world in general and particularly in Australia.

Recording now available.
An image of the family dining table with a blurred moving vision of two children and two adults around it

ADM in Child and Family Services: Mapping what is happening and what we know

24 November 2020 9:00am
A workshop on how ADM is being used in child and family services and the associated legal, ethical, organisational, and data challenges of applying ADM in child and family services.

Recording now available.