Watch the recorded session online - Digitising Disadvantage: Challenging Automated Government Decision Making in Comparative Context.

Significant technological advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics over the last two decades have enabled the widespread automation of decision-making in government in Western liberal democracies. However, automated government decision-making can have adverse effects upon vulnerable populations who are the intended recipients of government social programs, yet at the same time least able to address errors in government decision-making. This talk presents preliminary findings from a comparative book project analysing legal challenges automated government decision-making in the US, UK and Australia.

Yee-Fui Ng

We invite you to join this seminar held by Yee-Fui Ng, an Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Australian Centre of Justice Innovation at Monash University. Yee-Fui’s research centres on the intersection between public law and politics, focusing on enhancing executive accountability. Yee-Fui is the author of The Rise of Political Advisors in the Westminster System (Routledge, 2018) and Ministerial Advisers in Australia: The Modern Legal Context (Federation Press, 2016), which was a finalist of the Holt Prize.


This event is a collaboration between the ARC CoE for ADM+S and the School of Social Science’s Digital Societies Research Cluster.



Room 09-443, Michie Building #9, UQ St Lucia and online via Zoom

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