Clickwork. Quiet quitting. Bossware. Gigging. Automated Management. Precarity. In the face of advanced technologies, post-pandemic conditions, and intersecting economic and ecological crises, labour is undergoing a series of substantial upheavals. Old paradigms are being rethought; new modes of production are being unlocked. Work is being reworked. In some ways, these shifts are unprecedented; in others, they continue long standing inequalities predicated on race, class, and gender. How do we make sense of these digitally-driven shifts and their social, cultural, and political consequences?

This two-day event brings together scholars from media and communication, migrant studies, business and management studies, and other disciplines to develop a rich portrait of our changing work conditions. Day 1 will present a series of interdisciplinary papers and provocations from the listed speakers; Day 2 will workshop projects-in-progress through informal presentations and discussions.

This event has been organised by Dr Luke Munn and Digital Cultures and Societies at UQ in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Futures (UQ) and the ARC CoE for Automated Decision-Making and Society.

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