Bachelor of Social Science

Why choose Bachelor of Social Science

UQ’s Bachelor of Social Science degree is unique in its approach and delivery, with a strong grounding in social justice, policy research, and strong links to industry. It provides a foundation of knowledge about key social issues and problems, while also fostering practice-based skill development for immediate entry into the workforce, including skills in public policy design and evaluation, social impact assessment, social planning and research.

The Bachelor of Social Science provides a diversity of skills that will enable you to work in areas that address pressing social issues at local, national and international levels. Amongst these are rising poverty and inequality, the gender pay gap, homelessness, unemployment, Indigenous peoples and injustice, health and illness, refugees and the social impacts of climate change. Graduates develop skills, values and knowledge that are sought after by employers in the public and private sector, as well as non-government organisations, including the ability to communicate effectively across diverse audiences, theoretically informed cross-cultural awareness, social research skills, and a strong ethical compass. Course work provides in-depth knowledge and skills related to social issues, the ability to identify and analyse social issues and problems, and to develop solutions based in policy and practice. 



Students are provided with a social science perspective on international and community development issues. Students focus on strategies to alleviate poverty and inequality and develop sustainable societies, communities and environments.

Health and Social Policy

Students gain an understanding of the social and ethical factors influencing health and illness. Focus is placed on the way the health system works, and gaining the skills relevant to becoming a social science worker in health care.

Environment and Society

Students will learn about the relationships between environmental problems - such as climate change, waste and land clearing - and broader social, political and economic contexts. WIth new analytical and research skills, graduates can work in policy making, environmental and science communication, international development and elsewhere.  



Students can undertake a Bachelor of Social Science as a single program, or as a dual degree with the Bachelor of Arts. 

Within the Bachelor of Social Science, students can major in:


Students can complete a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in the following fields:

  • Development
  • Environment and Society
  • Health and Society
  • Social and Public Policy

Higher Degree Research

Social Science students can also pursue:

Satisfy your interest for research and your intellectual curiosity under the supervision of internationally recognised academics.