The School of Science proudly hosts the UQ Node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society. The Centre’s vision is for responsible, ethical and inclusive automated decision-making. The recent rapid expansion of automated decision-making, enabled by a wide range of technologies from machine learning to blockchain, has given rise to new risks to human rights and welfare. Potential harms range from data discrimination against disadvantaged communities to the spread of disinformation for political and commercial ends. Increasing inequality, lower productivity and diminished economic security have all been highlighted as risks in the coming decade. The Centre is formulating world-leading policy and practice to inform public debate with the aim to reduce risks and improved outcomes in the priority domains of news and media, transport, social services and health.


The UQ Node is led by Professor Paul Henman in the School of Social Science, a Chief Investigator of the Centre. Professor Henman co-leads the Centre’s Machines Research Program and the Social Services Focus Area.


Our role


The UQ Node undertakes multidisciplinary research contributing to the mitigation of social and economic risks in the development and implementation of ADM, and to improve outcomes and efficiencies particularly in the social services of:

  • child protection services;
  • income support and social security;
  • criminal justice; and
  • disability services.


The Centre’s objectives are to:


  • Generate an integrated understanding of the evolution, distribution, dynamics and potential of ADM
  • Formulate world-leading policy and practice in responsible, ethical and inclusive ADM, for governments, industry and the non-profit sectors;
  • Enhance public understanding, and inform public debate on ADM; and
  • Educate and train researchers and practitioners in this challenging new field.


Our people

          Professor Paul Henman, Chief Investigator, UQ Node Leader 


    Dr Philip Gillingham, Associate Investigator

Dr Amelia Radke, Associate Investigator

Dr Lutfun Nahar Lata, UQ Node Administrator

Dr Lyndal Sleep, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Associate Professor Nicholas Carah, Associate Investigator

Associate Professor Paul Harpur, Associate Investigator

Dr Robert Mullins, Associate Investigator


Our Events

Please visit the following link for all of our future and past events: ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society Events - School of Social Science - University of Queensland (


Project members

Professor Paul Henman

School of Social Science