Heritage Management

Why choose Heritage Management?

Heritage Management has developed into a major area of global scholarship, government regulation and industrial consultancy in recent decades. Embedded in a world heritage framework, MHM (#24) will provide graduates from archaeology, anthropology, history and cognate disciplines in planning and environmental management with "employer-ready" skills, meeting national expectations for entry into professional heritage practice. Taking advantage of UQ's existing strong expertise in research and consulting across the heritage spectrum, including our in-house consultancy UQCHU. MHM will focus on developing professional management skills and knowledge of the legal frameworks, processes and practices utilised in managing heritage places such as archaeological sites, landscapes, places of spiritual, and other cultural significance, and heritage buildings. Drawing on perspectives from archaeology, anthropology, history and other cognate disciplines, MHM students will put their knowledge into practice through fieldwork and applied research. An ethical approach based on sound research and communication skills will be emphasised throughout.

Higher Degree Research

Heritage Management is offered as:

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