It is not possible to apply for mid-year entry to our honours programs. Applications will only be considered for semester one entry.

Applicants must submit an Expression of Interest form with their application, which includes the research proposal and thesis advisor's endorsement.

Students will be advised as to the outcome of their application by the end of January.

If you have any queries about the application process or timelines, please contact the School of Social Science via email (, or via phone (07 3365 3236).

3. Develop a thesis proposal

With your prospective thesis supervisor, develop a thesis proposal. This proposal will be included in your application package as part of your expression of interest form (see below). The proposal should:

  • be approximately 1000 words
  • outline the research topic and key research questions
  • have a title and introduction
  • be set in literature (what research has been done on this topic before? How will your research be different and/or contribute?)
  • indicate the proposed approach and method
  • include a list of references.

Please attach your thesis proposal to the Social Science Honours - Expression of Interest form and upload to the attachment section of your online application.