Postgraduate Studies Committee
School of Social Science, The University of Queensland
Last reviewed March, 2014

In its mission to enhance its current reputation as the leading school of its type in Australia, the School of Social Science is dedicated to significantly increasing postgraduate enrolment within its four disciplines of Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology and Sociology. It also wishes to ensure that its Higher Degree Research (HDR) students achieve at the highest levels and garner the most consequential positions in Australia and overseas. An important part of this overarching goal is to endeavour to ensure that RHD students complete their degree programs within the temporal limits set by the Graduate School (3.5-4.0 years for Full-time PhD, 2 years for Full-time MPhil).

Unlike some schools that offer no financial assistance at all, this School allocates up to $3,500 to be applied for by PhD students and up to $1,750 for MPhil students from PGSC funds.