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8 May 2020

How coronavirus will change the way Australians live long after restrictions are lifted​

If you want to hear what sociologists are saying about how our way life will change post COVID-19, please check out this SBS news story featuring our own Dr Rebecca Olson:

30 April 2020

COVID 19: The Crisis, Leadership and the State

Adjunct Professor Adil Khan writes:

6 April 2020

Dr Kim de Rijke has made it onto the Channel 7 news to tell us about the vulnerabilities in our global system and the effects of COVID19:

2 April 2020

The answer to Indigenous vulnerability to coronavirus: a more equitable public health agenda

Associate Professor Chelsea Bond published an article on Indigenous vulnerability to COVID-19 and the need for a more equitable public health agenda. This important piece of conversation has already received close to 50000 reads:

March 30 2020

Delivery workers are now essential. They deserve the rights of other employees

PhD candidate Tylor Riordan published this pertinent piece in The Conversation: