Researcher biography

I am an early career Sociologist in the fields of environment and development, with a focus on agrifood political and cultural economy. My research focuses on understanding the transformation of local and global food systems in light of shifting social relations and global environmental change, and emphasises the social and political-economic factors underpinning the ways that food production, trade and consumption are understood and contested by multiple actors (farmers, women, supermarkets, policy makers, activists) at local, national and global levels. I have published on food justice and food security, food system resilience, ethical/fair trade, sustainable livelihoods, gender, green economy, governance and financialisation of food and agriculture, and have a growing interest in the right to food. I have conducted qualitative and participatory sociological research in Australia and internationally, have worked with local NGOs (in Africa and Australia), with the United Nations Research Institute in Geneva, and in multidisciplinary research teams spanning the social and natural sciences both here and abroad. I currently work on an Australian Research Council DECRA project exploring 'Fair Food Futures, Civil Society and the SDGS', as well as research on SDGs and civil society more broadly. I am also a Future Earth Fellow, treasurer of the Australasian Agrifood Research Network, and a Research Associate with the Centre for Social Economy in Nicaragua.

Areas of research