PhD Project

PhD: Understanding prehistoric human mobility along the Papuan coast, Papua New Guinea, through isotope mapping

UQ Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

Supervisors: Michael C. Westaway, Andrew Fairbairn & Matthew G. Leavesley


2018       Graduate Certificate of Education (Academic Practice), James Cook University

2014       Bachelor of Arts with Honours (B.A.H.), First Class, in Archaeology, University of Papua New Guinea

2012       Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Anthropology & Sociology, University of Papua New Guinea


2015-present: Teaching Fellow, Anthropology, Sociology & Archaeology Strand, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea

Research Interests

Population mobility, cultural heritage, archaeology of Papua New Guinea, Lapita in the Bismarck Archipelago & New Guinea, prehistoric trade networks