Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services and Social Policy), QUT, 2007



Maturi, J. (2022). Shifting the Centre: Relocating Refugee Men in Strategies aiming to Address Violence Against Women. Violence Against Women (forthcoming, accepted 29/11/21) 

Maturi, Jennifer and Munro, Jenny (2020, 11 09). Should Australia Criminalise Coercive Control: Fighting domestic violence and unintended consequences. Policy Forum. https://www.policyforum.net/should-australia-criminalise-coercive-control/



Tutor SOCY2019 "Introduction to Social Research" 2021, 2020

Tutor SOCY3329 "Qualitative Social Research" 2020

Tutor CRIM 1019 "Introduction to Criminal Justice" 2020

Practice - 15 years experience working in the human services across the areas of domestic violence, refugee settlement and housing; various roles including case management, group work, community development, sector development, workplace training and management 


Featured Projects:

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship: "Sexual Violence and the Limits of Consent" 

The ‘Sexual violence and the Limits of Consent’ project aims to explore ideas of ‘affirmative consent’, providing evidence-based knowledge to researchers, government, educators, and front-line groups. As part of a cross-disciplinary team of academics, led by Assoc Prof Lisa Featherstone in UQ's School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry (Sexual consent, what it is and how to teach it will be focus of new expert panel - ABC News), my postdoctoral research fellowship under this project will have a focus on refugee and migrant families and communities.

Duration: 2022

Thesis: "Domestic Violence and Refugee Resettlement in Australia: How are we 'doing' Intersectionality" 

Duration: 2017-2021 (Thesis currently under examination)


Research Interests:

Social and Cultural Anthropology 

Violence against women, Refugee studies

Governmentality, particularly the role of NGO's

Liberal multiculturalism, boarders and boundaries, citizenship 

Social Policy