Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services and Social Policy), QUT, 2007



Maturi, Jennifer and Munro, Jenny (2020, 11 09). Should Australia Criminalise Coercive Control: Fighting domestic violence and unintended consequences. Policy Forum. https://www.policyforum.net/should-australia-criminalise-coercive-control/



Tutor SOCY2019 "Introduction to Social Research" 2020

Tutor SOCY3329 "Qualitative Social Research" 2020

Tutor CRIM 1019 "Introduction to Criminal Justice" 2020

Practice - 15 years experience working in the human services across the areas of domestic violence, refugee settlement and housing; various roles including case management, group work, community development, sector development, workplace training and management 


Featured Projects:

"The contemporary domestic violence movement: Rendering technical the problem of refugees"

Duration: 2017-2021


Research Interests:

Social and Cultural Anthropology 

Violence against women, Refugee studies

Governmentality, particularly the role of NGO's

Liberal multiculturalism, boarders and boundaries, citizenship 

Social Policy