Researcher biography

Cameron's primary area of research is poverty, homelessness, social services, and charity aimed at addressing social disadvantage. He is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

Cameron is currently examining the contemporary Australian welfare state and the role of charity and faith based organisations. Cameron's research seeks to build an evidence base about what systems and societal changes are required to prevent poverty, and how these changes can be produced. Cameron is interested in how individuals and community groups can work - in support of the state - to redress the failings of state policy.

In his first book (The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society), Cameron sought to highlight how the representation of people who are homeless as distinct informs a policy and practice agenda that he characterised as a poverty of ambition. Cameron's second book with Andrew Clarke and Francisco (Paco) Perales (Charity and Poverty in Advanced Welfare States) takes on the question how can we be just by soothing the consequences of poverty without addressing the causes of poverty.

Presently Cameron is writing an introductory book about homelessness for Polity Press.