Researcher biography

I am a cultural anthropologist and I work mainly in West Papua (Tanah Papua), eastern Indonesia, though I also have some research experience in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. My research interests are in gender, health and development. I am interested in the various ways that indigenous Papuans engage with and theorise the Indonesian state and international development agendas, especially sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and schooling. I am currently writing about indigenous health activism and approaches to HIV education and care, and researching indigenous women’s experiences of antenatal care and hospital delivery, especially caesarean births. A related dimension of my research focuses on gender, violence and alcohol in Papua, and I am working with the UN's Partners 4 Prevention on primary prevention of violence in Jayapura, Papua. My research is ethnographic, qualitative, and collaborative, and I enjoy working with research practitioners in Indonesia, Australia and beyond. I am a chief investigator on the ARC Discovery Project, 'Understanding Social, Economic and Health Vulnerabilities in Indonesia' led by Professor Lynette Parker (UWA). I enjoy teaching medical anthropology and gender and development and have extensive experience working with Pacific islanders to enhance social science research skills. I have advised RHD students working on gender, health, development policy, and urban ethnography in the Pacific (Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Samoa and Fiji).

Areas of research