Researcher biography

I am an anthropologist, and my research focuses on stigma and racism, particularly in in eastern Indonesia, West Papua, and Papua New Guinea. My work contributes to discussions of racialisation, sovereignties, and vulnerabilities, by looking across different contexts, including education, employment, health, and gender.

I have three current research projects.

  • Reproductive sovereignty - Indigenous Papuan experiences of antenatal care and hospital delivery, especially caesarean births (funded by a UQ grant).
  • Health, social and economic vulnerabilities and resilience in Indonesia (funded by an ARC Discovery Project grant, with colleagues from UWA and Oxford)
  • Engaging customary leaders in HIV prevention in West Papua, Indonesia (DFAT-Australia Indonesia Institute, in collaboration with Dr Els Rieke Katmo, Universitas Negeri Papua)

Some recent publications:

I teach undergraduate and postgraduate anthropology courses on colonialism, racism, development, health, gender, and social theory with a regional focus on Indonesia and the Pacific. I also coordinate Honours Research Seminar B.

Areas of research