• Honours Class I in Archaeology (University of Queensland), 2013
  • BA in Archaeology (University of Queensland), 2012


Feb 2017 – Ongoing: Course coordinator and lecturer, Archaeology of Australasia, School of Social Sciences, University of Queensland

Feb 2016 – Ongoing: Tutor, School of Social Sciences, University of Queensland

Aug 2015 – Ongoing: Tutor, Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme, University of Queensland

Apr 2015 – Ongoing: Facilitator, Archaeology Outreach Program, University of Queensland

Jan 2014 – Aug 2014: Cultural Heritage Consultant, University of Queensland Cultural Heritage Unit  

Research Interests

  • The mechanisms involved in cultural change within the Indigenous populations inhabiting Sahul over the past 50-60,000 years;
  • The nature and timing of modern human dispersal of out of Africa;
  • The development of Identification and quantification criteria for tropical archaeobotany.