David Conlon, Shaylene Saltner, Jemarah Carr-Smith, Joan Anderson, Keith Simpson, Kalidah Thomspon, Eugene Clements-Anderson and Dr Serena Love.


The Yuggera Ugarapul People, with support from Everick Foundation, were awarded a National Emergency Management Agency Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant in 2022. The project was implemented in 2023 and sought to mitigate the effects of past and future bushfires on YUP heritage by building capacity for proactive Indigenous engagement in fire management. The project also allowed for training and work experience in broader land and cultural heritage management, including a three-week field survey of Main Range National Park and an archaeological field school. This panel discussion will have the Indigenous rangers discuss and reflect upon their experiences and share their aspirations for the future of the Yuggera Ugarapul ranger program. 

About the presenters

The presenters are several Yuggera Ugarapul rangers who were involved in the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant. All are dedicated to working on Country and encouraging Indigenous-led cultural heritage and land management. Whilst some had previous experience undertaking conservation works on Country, for others this was their first experience within the Indigenous Land and Water Management (ILWM) sector. The YUP rangers are joined by Dr Serena Love, who facilitated with the implementation of the program. Serena is an archaeologist with a speciality in geoarchaeology and landscape archaeology. She has broad experience in cultural heritage management projects across Queensland, specialising particularly in providing technical advice to Aboriginal groups for a variety of projects including National Parks management, Part 6 studies and conducting large-scale archaeological excavations. Serena heads 4 Corners Heritage, facilitating research, outreach and community engagement.

About Archaeology Working Papers

The Working Papers in Archaeology seminar series provides a forum for dissemination of archaeological research and ideas amongst UQ archaeology students and staff. All students are invited to attend the series and postgraduate students, from honours upwards, are invited to present their research. The aim is to provide opportunities for students, staff and those from outside UQ, to present and discuss their work in an informal environment. It is hoped that anyone interested in current archaeological directions, both within and outside the School and University, will be able to attend and contribute to the series.


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