Presented by Alistair Paterson in collaboration with the Collecting the West research team including: Andrea Witcomb and Tiffany Shellam (Deakin); Gaye Sculthorpe and JD Hill (British Museum); Stephen Hopper, Toby Burrows, Xander Burcham, Jane Lydon, Jacqueline van Gent and Shino Konishi (UWA); Sarah Longair (Lincoln); Alec Coles, Di Jones, Moya Smith, Corioli Souter and Ross Chadwick (WAM); Kate Gregory and Theresa Archer (SLWA); Melissa Harpley (AGWA); research associates Baige Zylstra, Denise Cook, Ellen Hickman, and Allison Lullfitz.

The Collecting the West Project brings together a group of researchers and cultural organisations to do critical work on collections related to Western Australia. The ARC Linkage Project (2017-2021) unites the state's leading collecting institutions – the Western Australian Museum, the State Library of Western Australia and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, together with our international partner the British Museum – to create new understandings of collections and their place in past and future. What new understanding of Western Australia emerges from a critical study of collecting? We look for answers in public and private collections held across the state and around the world. Our research is shared at symposiums, in books and academic publications and through public exhibitions, displays and events. The project is highlighting the various phases, concerns and outcomes of collecting in and from Western Australia over the last four centuries.


About the presenter

Alistair is an ARC Future Fellow in archaeology at the University of Western Australia. His research examines the historical archaeology of colonial coastal contact and settlement in Australia’s Northwest and the Indian Ocean. His core concerns are Western Australia and Indian Ocean history, Aboriginal Australia, Dutch East India Company, colonialism and exploration, rock art, and the history of collecting in Western Australia.

About Archaeology Working Papers

The Working Papers in Archaeology seminar series provides a forum for dissemination of archaeological research and ideas amongst UQ archaeology students and staff. All students are invited to attend the series and postgraduate students, from honours upwards, are invited to present their research. The aim is to provide opportunities for students, staff and those from outside UQ, to present and discuss their work in an informal environment. It is hoped that anyone interested in current archaeological directions, both within and outside the School and University, will be able to attend and contribute to the series.