In 2006 I was invited to visit what was then the Oxiana company gold and copper mine in Savannakhet Province, Laos PDR, to advise on the archaeological finds there. This unexpected invitation kicked off a decade of collaboration and fieldwork at a scale well beyond any initial expectations. In this presentation I will give an overview of the work, including the discovery of a previously unknown Bronze & Iron Age copper mine - only the third such complex anywhere in SE Asia. I will also discuss where else this work has lead especially in developing student exchange & research opportunities in Laos.

About the presenter

Nigel Chang completed study at the University of Otago, NZ where he was introduced to the archaeology of SE Asia studying under Prof Charles Higham. Alongside participating in and leading projects in NE Thailand over a couple of decades, he has worked in elsewhere in Thailand, in Cambodia &, more extensively, in the Lao PDR. Nigel has come also worked in historical archaeology in NZ and in North Queensland. Nigel has taught archaeology at James Cook University since 2005. 

Photo (today): in Phimai, NE Thailand - with one of our most iconic decorated Bronze Age pots. From Ban Non Wat (JCU excavations).


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The Working Papers in Archaeology seminar series provides a forum for dissemination of archaeological research and ideas amongst UQ archaeology students and staff. All students are invited to attend the series and postgraduate students, from honours upwards, are invited to present their research. The aim is to provide opportunities for students, staff and those from outside UQ, to present and discuss their work in an informal environment. It is hoped that anyone interested in current archaeological directions, both within and outside the School and University, will be able to attend and contribute to the series.


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