This presentation will discuss a chapter of my PhD thesis: An Ethnographic Exploration of Snowboarding, which is based on recent fieldwork conducted in the Australian snowfields during the 2017 snow season.

The subculture of freestyle snowboarding consists of individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and regions of the world. Due to this, freestyle snowboarding can be understood as part of a culture that exists globally but is practiced locally, and it is these local practices that sustain a transnational subculture. In this seminar, I will focus on how embodied performances of freestyle snowboarding are central to the creation of place for members of the subculture. I will also observe the role weather and landscapes play in this place creation process, and highlight the importance of geography to snowboarding subculture.

About the Presenter

Shaun Jennings

Shaun is a PhD candidate in Anthropology in the School of Social Science at the University of Queensland. With a background in Business Studies, he worked within the music industry for five years as a tour manager before deciding to return to his studies. His doctoral research looks at the practices that create and sustain a transnational subculture, focusing on the freestyle snowboarding subculture in Australia. His academic interests include subculture, place creation, and youth, material, and digital culture.


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