In this cutting edge and unlikely example of integrated archaeobotany, philology and geochemistry, Associate Professor Andy Fairbairn will present evidence from Buklukale in Turkey for the use and trade in exotic plant foods among the elite of Anatolia's Middle Bronze Age (c. 2000-1700 cal BC). Of particular interest is the evidence for the consumption of fruits, nuts and spices in a probable mass consumption event, which the work presented here attempts to understand it in terms of cultural values and political agency. In addition, fascinating facts will be revealed: did you know that coriander was worth 1 Shekel of silver a litre in 1830 BC, equivalent to the price of 300 loaves of bread! Wow!


Associate Professor Andrew Fairbairn, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland.


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The Working Papers in Archaeology seminar series provides a forum for dissemination of archaeological research and ideas amongst UQ archaeology students and staff. All students are invited to attend the series and postgraduate students, from honours upwards, are invited to present their research. The aim is to provide opportunities for students, staff and those from outside UQ, to present and discuss their work in an informal environment. It is hoped that anyone interested in current archaeological directions, both within and outside the School and University, will be able to attend and contribute to the series.


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