Graduates can pursue careers in policy analysis, statistics, research or social planning in government, or in market research and analysis in the private sector. Career areas include:

Government Departments

(eg Communities, Health, Natural Resources,Tourism, Emergency Services)

  • Policy Advisor
  • Policy Researcher
  • Social Planning Officer
  • Research Officer

Communications and Public Relations

  • Market Researcher
  • Industry Analyst
  • Media Relations Advisor
  • Public Relations Consultant

Media and Advertising

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Event Manager

Health Provision

  • Health Services Manager

Community Services

  • Counselor
  • Lobbyist

Consultancy Firms

  • Ethics Advisor
  • Evaluation Officer
  • Applied Research Officer


  • Teaching Sociology and Social Science
    (in conjunction with education qualifications)
  • Education Administrator

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