Anthropologists are valued in many different areas for their research skills. They are working in development, health, mining, urban and regional planning, education, and cultural heritage management, on issues associated with minority groups.

Career areas include:

Aboriginal Land Councils

  • Native Title Officer
  • Anthropologist
  • Project Officer/Researcher in Language and Cultural Preservation
  • Cultural Heritage Manager

Government Departments

(eg. Health; Natural resources; Parks & Wildlife; Environmental Protection Agency; Environment & Heritage)

  • Policy Advisor
  • Policy Researcher
  • Positions associated with land, environment and cultural heritage, cultural heritage site management
  • Liaison Officers, Interpreters, Mediators, Facilitators


(such as Oxfam)

  • Aid Project Officer
  • Researcher
  • Country Officer


  • Museum Director
  • Curator
  • Collection Manager
  • Community Liaison Officer
  • Interpreter


  • Teaching Anthropology in universities and schools (in conjunction with education qualifications)
  • Education Researcher
  • Interpreter in national parks


  • Cultural and Environmental Tourist
  • Operator or Manager
  • Site Officer


  • Medical Anthropologist
    (cross cultural health practices)

Business/Private Sector

  • Consumer Researcher
  • Human Relations Manager
  • Researchers in corporate culture
    (Microsoft employs an entire unit of Anthropologists)

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