Recently refurbished and re-equipped, the UQ Archaeological Science Laboratories provide world class integrated research and teaching facilities for UQ staff and students. The facility is comprised of 9 dedicated wireless-enabled laboratory spaces in the Michie Building and the Archaeology Teaching and Research Centre (ATARC).

Specialised facilities for:

  • Historical archaeology and lithic technologies
  • Chemistry
  • Teaching and research
  • Microscopy and use wear analysis, Archaeobotany
  • Fauna, Zooarchaeology, osteology, paleopathology
  • Pacific archaeology
  • Geoarchaeology 
  • Sample processing

Fully equipped field and laboratories

  • Excavation equipment such as trowels, drawing squares, Munsell soil charts, pH kits,; Surveying equipment, including DGPS, EDM, hand held GPS, dumpy levels and plane tables;
  • On-site processing equipment including sieves and flotation tank;
  • Specialist analysis equipment including digital calipers, field microscopes and laptops;
  • Incident and transmitted light microscopes, digital imaging capacity
  • lithic analysis facilities with 3D object scanners and 3D printer
  • Up-to-date image processing, desktop publishing, statistical analysis, database and GIS software;

Research and Teaching Collections:

  • Lithic, metal, glass and shell artefacts;
  • Plant macrofossil collections from Southwest Asia, Turkey, Australia and New Guinea, including seeds, fruits and wood;
  • Australia-Pacific shell and fish bone;
  • Phytolith and starch specimens from the Australia-Pacific region;
  • Human osteological (including Forensic) and evolution specimens;
  • Australia-Pacific mammals and birds;
  • Flexible teaching laboratory and workshop, shared with the Anthropology Museum, providing on-site practical teaching;

Throughout the year Undergraduate student volunteers can gain invaluable lab work experience by volunteering on various research projects. Please contact your course co-ordinator at the beginning of semester to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

To visit the laboratories or arrange equipment loans (UQ staff and students only) please contact Lab Manager, Dr Glenys McGowan ( or the Lab Technician (

For a copy of the current Archaeology Laboratory Procedures Manual please contact the Lab Technician (