For enquiries about appointments to the School of Social Science of Adjunct Academics, Honorary Research Fellows and Industry Fellows please email: 

The person seeking the appointment is normally nominated by an academic from within the School of Social Science. The nomination is  reviewed by the School. If it is successful, it is forwarded for approval.

Nomination form for Levels A - D
Nomination form for Level E
School nomination form for Industry Fellow

School Support, Nomination and Renomination Policy
The UQ policy for appointing Adjunct and Honorary Academics and Industry Fellows, covers appointments at all levels. The policy allows for the nomination of individuals, and those representing groups and organisations, who are making contributions, or have the potential to make significant contributions, to the work of the University at the level of appointment proposed.

Adjunct and honorary staff appointments at professorial equivalence proceed through one further step by going before the UQ Honorary and Adjunct Professorial Appointments Committee, comprising:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • President, Academic Board
  • One Executive Dean
  • One Head of School or Director of Centre
  • Deputy Chancellor

The Committee meets twice a year in May and November.


Adjunct: Persons appointed to adjunct positions normally will simultaneously hold an appropriate position in another institution, in government, or in the private sector. An adjunct title should only be recommended when the person concerned has a significant involvement in developing an aspect of the University’s links with industry, the professions and/or the wider community. Such appointments will not normally carry remuneration from the University. The UQ policy may be accessed via Appointment of Adjunct Academics. Levels of appointment can range from Associate Lecturer through to Associate Professor.

Honorary: The University of Queensland supports the appointment of Honorary academic staff as a means of optimising significant links with academics of distinction and international standing but who, by virtue of the existing appointment, cannot be considered for a full-time position. Reimbursement may be made for out of pocket expenses, for example travel and accommodation, however, Honorary appointees are not otherwise paid for contributions made. The UQ policy may be accessed via Appointment of Honorary Academics. Examples of current Honorary appointments held within the School are; Honorary Research Fellow, Honorary Consultant, Honorary Reader and Honorary Research Adviser.

Industry Fellow: An Industry Fellow differs from an adjunct appointment in that the person will usually be paid for work performed for the University, but would not normally be awarded an academic title associated with a classification level, such as Lecturer or Professor. An Industry Fellow normally will hold simultaneously an appropriate position in another institution – government or private sector. They will undertake educationally oriented work such as lectures for specific courses, provision of materials for case studies and co-supervision of postgraduate projects or theses. Engagement would be more ad hoc and project related than an adjunct appointment and the person will normally be employed as a casual. The UQ policy may be accessed via Appointment of Industry Fellows.