A/Professor Kristen Lyons has been selected as an NTEU delegate to attend the 2017 Women's Conference entitled 'Women and Higher Education: Refracted by the Gender Lens', was held in mid June in Melbourne. The NTEU is very keen to reignite a UQ Women's Committee/Action Group, and attendance at this conference was useful in connecting with nation wide gender based issues on University campuses. At the School level, if you have any ideas about issues that a committee or action group should focus on as key priorities - eg. gender equity issues related to appointments and selection committees, gender experiences of the casualisation of staff, sexual harassment, inappropriate workplace conduct etc - please contact Kristen Lyons. 


If we are to take seriously the challenge of addressing the sustained pay gap between women and men, UQ's low performance in terms of appointment of women to senior roles, and the still persistent sexual harassment and related inappropriate conduct across Universities, we must work collectively. I look forward to joining so many others in putting some energy into this issue, and would welcome your thoughts, ideas and experiences. And if you'd like to know more about the conference, details are here.