Dr Lyndal Sleep’s research focuses on social security decision making, technology and women with the aim of enhancing safety, wellbeing and life chances for women in situations of intersectional disadvantage. Lyndal has also tracked technological changes in social security decision making and surveillance. Her current independent research focuses on detailing systems abuse in social security decision making in contexts of domestic violence. 

Lyndal’s academic background spans science and society, sociology, social work and law. Post PhD Lyndal has been Chief Investigator on a number of research projects, including the ANROWS funded project Domestic Violence, Social Security Law and the Couple Rule. She has published in national and international journals, and is co-editor of the Journal of Social Inclusion.

Lyndal is Postdoctoral Researcher in the Centre of Excellence in ADM and Society at the School of Social Science at the University of Queensland. In this role, she will be contributing to the Machines program through two projects:
•    Mapping ADM machines in Australia and the Asia-Pacific; and 
•    Building Ethical Machines in Social Services: Examining, Evaluating, Building Fairness and Explainability in ADM.