Researcher biography

Associate Professor Jason Ferris, is a research academic at the Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR) and he is the Program Leader for Research and Statistical Services across the Faculty of Medicine. As a research academic he leads the Drug Alcohol Crime Health Research (DACHR). He holds an honorary professorial role at Turning Point, Victoria and he is affiliate academic with the School of Social Science, UQ. Associate Professor Ferris is also the Chief Data Scientist for the Global Drug Survey.

He is involved in a number of key projects: The Overarching Evaluation of the National Support for Child and Youth Mental Health Program (CHYME), the evaluation of ProjectSTOP (a decision-making national database for pharmacists aimed at preventing the use of pseudoephedrine based products as a precursor in the manufacture of methamphetamine), the Queensland evaluation of the Alcohol Fuelled Violence Policy, and a national review of the links between random breath testing and alcohol-related road traffic accidents. Jason has over 15 years of social science and public health research experience. He has a well-established publication record with a strong focus on alcohol and drug research and public health. With a Master degree in biostatistics he has well developed and expansive quantitative methods skills and a broad range of experience in many of the facets of both social science and medical research. In July 2014 his PhD on alcohol epidemiology was conferred.

Previously, as a senior statistician at the Institute for Social Science Research he developed and taught a number of training models in research methods and statistical analysis as part of the Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS). Since its inception in 2012 he has been course coordinator and trainer for a number of these training modules (see below). In 2016 he became the Director of MFSAS. Between 2016-2017 he was also the ISSR Co-postgraduate Coordinator.

In September, 2015, A/Prof Ferris received the University of Queensland, Early Career Researcher Award within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. In September, 2014, Dr Ferris received a highly commended Early Career Researcher Award within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.