• PhD Candidate: University of Queensland, 2013-present
  • Honours Class 1, Philosophy: University of Queensland, 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts, extended major in philosophy, and minor in history: University of Queensland, 2007-2010. 


  • Guest Lecturer, SOCY1050 (Sociology of Work and Employment): University of Queensland, 2016 & 2017
  • Sessional Academic, EDP416 & LCN650: Queensland University of Technology, 2016-present.
  • Tutor, SOCY1050, SWSP1044, SWSP2001: University of Queensland, 2014-presnt.
  • Student Representative, Post-graduate Studies Committee: University of Queensland, 2016. 
  • Contributor: Brisbane Free University, 2013 & 2016. 
  • Graduate Consultant: University Of Queensland Careers and Graduate department, 2011-201
  • Peer Mentor: University Of Queensland, 2011-2012.  

Research Interests

  • Philosophy, sociology, human relations, ethics and politics
  • Organisational management, workplace creativity and subjectivity.
  • Anarchism, specifically ‘post-anarchist’ movements including the analysis and deconstruction of contemporary social patterns, relationships and self-government.  
  • Contemporary European philosophy – specifically the movements of post-structuralism, postmodernism and former movements from existentialism with special interest as to the construction of individuals within social surroundings.