• BA
  • M Ed Admin
  • Dip Ed
  • Grad Dip Social Science
  • Grad Cert Inter-professional Leadership
  • PhD Candidate (Criminology)


  • Teaching (High School)
  • Professional Development of Teachers
  • Curriculum Development (Multicultural)
  • Policy/Legislative Development (Inclusive Education, Youth, Disability)
  • Program Development (Education, Youth, Disability, Forensic)
  • Program Management and Service Delivery (Youth, Disability)

Research Interests

  • examination of the application of the Sen's Capabilities Approach to the development of social policies of inclusion
  • models of disability forensic services 
  • role of the non-government and voluntary sectors in the delivery of social services 
  • professional development and identity of front-line practitioners
Featured projects Duration
Community practitioners, disability and prisoner re-entry