Human Evolution and Dispersals

This workshop looks at understanding human evolution by examining the material remains (bones and other physical evidence) of past humans & hominin ancestors.  Students will gain a better understanding of the physical, mental & social development of humans through time. The module will also look at the dispersal of modern humans “out of Africa".

Sessions are one hour long. Sessions may be extended to allow a more in-depth focus and discussion.

Groups of up to 25 students. $5.00 per student excl GST ($5.50 incl GST) for a 1-hour session.

The Archaeology Discipline at UQ

Archaeology at UQ is one of the leading archaeology teaching and research programmes in Australasia. We teach courses from introductory to advanced topics with an extended major in archaeology that can also be paired with a 4th year Honours degree for a professional entry level degree. For more information about Archaeology at UQ, please visit our Archaeology Study page.