As there have been a high number of queries received of late in regards to program requirements and progression, please find below our responses to the most common questions asked by Bachelor of Social Science students.

1. When should I go on exchange?

Please note that if you are considering going on UQ Abroad exchange at some point during your program, the second semester of your second year is the best time to go. The equivalent for dual degree students would be second semester of third year. Part of the reason for this is that the third year core courses (SOSC3201 in Semester 1 and SOSC3211 in Semester 2) must be taken consecutively and therefore take up the whole year. We have seen many students get a surprise when planning their final year of the program and suddenly realise that there is not much flexibility in year three.

We hope that the above information clears up any questions you have regarding the program, or timing for going on exchange, however if any further advice is required please do not hesitate to contact the School of Social Science.

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