Archaeology Experience

The Archaeology Experience is a one-hour activity that has proven to be successful in engaging strong interest from a wide range of social groups and ages. It is a "hands on" activity where students will excavate and analyse artefacts including stone, bone, metal and glass. They will benefit in undertaking this activity by:

  • Participating in an educational activity that they find exciting and unique;
  • Gaining a broad understanding about how archaeology integrates and bridges issues of the the past, present and future;
  • Learning how archaeology can contribute to a sustainable community where cultural heritage is valued.

The activity is held at the ATARC (Archaeology Teaching & Research Centre). This is an outdoor site and participants will need to wear enclosed footwear, a hat and sunscreen, and bring a water bottle.

Sessions are one hour long. Sessions may be extended to allow time for students to see a demonstration of flintknapping and create their own stone tool.

The cost for this activity is $11.00 per student including GST ($10.00 excluding GST), with 20-25 students per session (multiple sessions can be run to cater for larger numbers).

The Archaeology Discipline at UQ

Archaeology at UQ is one of the leading archaeology teaching and research programmes in Australasia. We teach courses from introductory to advanced topics with an extended major in archaeology that can also be paired with a 4th year Honours degree for a professional entry level degree. For more information about Archaeology at UQ, please visit our Archaeology Study page.